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These Stunning Wedding Hairstyles Are Pure Perfection

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My of-the-moment obsession is a simple wispy updo. It's the perfect balance of messy and nice, structured yet feathery soft - perfect for a wedding day.

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This girl shows you all the basics that you learn when you go to Mac school. (I finally watched the video and now I understand why everyone is pinning it!)

11 Prettiest Side-Swept Hairstyles for Prom

To give your blowout major bounce, use a round brush to dry two-inch sections at a time, pinning each section into barrel curls while they cool. When you let them down, you'll have big, glam curls! Part hair on the side, and tease the roots to get Rita Ora's flirty down 'do.

Winosaur | Racerback Tank

Show off your love of the finer things and also dinosaurs with this wine lover's, Jurassic inspired, T-Rex, wine drinking shirt. You aren't just a wino, you are a Wino Saur.