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Frost Pictures

Pictures taken early in the morning. To get these images, you have to get out after Sunrise, but before the sun starts shining on that part of the roof. Usually these are on the north or west slopes of the roof.

Frost Pictures

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The air leaks in the exterior wall from inside this home, travel up (hot air rises) and keep the frost from forming over the wall. Air Sealing will stop this heat loss.

Another picture of hot air leaking through a wall and then the roof. How? Wood in an attic drys out, and knots shrink. Or the hole for an electric wire is not sealed.

Oops! The heat leaks out. This is heat, not warm air. The attic in this building has a fire sprinkler system in it. The attic must be heated to keep the water from freezing. The insulation is supposed to be installed at the roof deck. Gravity is not helpful here. The solution is not to use a Batt form of insulation. It is to use a closed cell 2 part commercial spray foam.

The roof can be a different color! Hot air does the same thing!

Another Leaky attic. Hot air leaks out, the $$ you paid go with it!

The hot air from the home enters the wall and rises into the attic and keeps the frost from forming directly over the wall. Does your home have a pattern like this? Get a Home Energy Audit to develop a plan to fix it!

What is inside this home that allows the hot air to rise to the roof and keep the frost from forming? Hot Air Loss = $$ out the roof.