Lis O'Keefe

Lis O'Keefe

Hi, I'm Lis (Eli) and I love photography! Photography is the greatest thing for me other than Jesus!
Lis O'Keefe
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What. Nooo, how can this happen??

But we we get Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver, Ultron, the Vision and apparently War Machine. But I don't really like scarlet witch a lot so.

Tell me that's not the coolest nightlight you've  ever seen.

Green LED Faucet Valve night light It’s a. - Green LED Faucet Valve night light “ It’s a standard ¾" brass sillcock, converted into a night light. Turning the valve actually turns on the ¼ watt LED bulb in the hanging drop of “water”.

Beautiful. I should memorize this;)

For all the writers out there it can be difficult finding the perfect emotion for your character, whether your character is sad, angry, or surprised those words can seem to get a bit boring. so i introduce the Writer's Wheel of emotion. Enjoy - J.

I need ALL of these.

11 Untranslatable Words From Other Cultures Infographic - I adore this. I believe language shapes thought just as much as thought shapes language. I always think of untranslatable words as a glimpse into the most subtly unique aspects of other cultures.