Superior Wash: Project Green Leaves - S.W.P.G.L.

Superior Wash cares for the environment by cleaning oil spills and recovering all waste water and chemicals during our wash process. Click the pin/leave to view…
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Spill Clean Up. A green leave indeed!
Superior Wash Oil Spill Clean-Up
All Water Recovered
Superior Wash - Oil Spill
Superior Wash Cleans Oil Spill
Superior Wash Spill
Superior Wash Oil Spill
Superior Wash Clogged Drain
Before and After
a man in yellow jacket standing next to a large truck with water containers on it
Great Waste
We are here to help keep drivers safe.
Superior Wash Pressure Wash
Superior Wash will be providing customers with a multitude of services: exterior car washing, interior cleaning, Trucks Washing, Box Truck Washing, Trailer Washing, etc. Superior Wash has no true competitors that are trying to offer a high quality service for a reasonable rate.
two men in white coveralls are washing trucks
Full PPE - Superior Wash
Keeping cab drivers safe with interior disinfection.
a man in green jacket standing next to a garbage truck
Interior Cab Disinfection - Superior Wash
Superior Wash works to mitigate COVID-19 by disinfecting cab interiors.