Eggo Waffles can help make taco night even better when you make these Teggos, a crispy and flavorful treat! Recipe courtesy of Juliana Palmcook.

Teggos - Eggo Recipes

Use Eggo Waffles to create this sweet Eggo Brie Apricot Taco recipe that features sweet and creamy goodness wrapped up in a crispy Eggo Waffle. Recipe courtesy of Megan Woodworth Colucci.

Eggo Brie & Apricot "Tacos"

Using a crisp Eggo Waffle, scrambled eggs, bacon and syrup, you can create this amazing Eggo Breakfast Taco recipe. Breakfast has never been better! Recipe courtesy of Jaden Heller.

Eggo Breakfast Taco

Serve this Fruit Eggo Tacos recipe to your children as a yummy after-school or weekend snack that will make them jump for joy. Recipe courtesy of Lisa Pissanos Moore.

Fruit Eggo Tacos

This Breakfast Waffle Tacos recipe is a fun and delicious weekend breakfast option your family will love.

Breakfast Waffle Tacos

Eggo waffles make the perfect taco shell when you make this Fiesta Teggo recipe, a fun new take on taco night. Recipe Courtesy of Juli Giampaolo Soracin.

Fiesta Teggo - Eggo Recipes

This Homemade Eggo Ice Cream Sandwich recipe is a kid-friendly dessert that is so easy you will be making a second batch! Recipe courtesy of Joan Crasten.

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Eggo Ice Cream Sandwich: a delicious dessert the whole family can enjoy! Recipe courtesy of Kim Nichols.

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Blueberry Eggo Waffle Taco – A sweet treat your kids will love for breakfast! Recipe courtesy of Michelle Fahey.

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Find out what four simple ingredients make these Fruit Eggo Waffle Tacos a simple, yet delicious breakfast. Recipe courtesy of Lisa Pissanos Moore.

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Take the waffle taco craze to another level! Enjoy this sweet treat, brought to you by Eggo waffle, today!

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Excite your kids with an Eggo Waffle Coney Dog! A fun twist on the traditional treat. Recipe courtesy of Robyn Valerie Price.

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Eggo Waffle Taco – Filled with all of your breakfast favorites! Recipe courtesy of Jaden Heller.

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Shredded Apple Eggo Waffle Taco – Sprinkle with cinnamon and enjoy!

Shredded Apple Waffle Taco

Try this Ice Cream Eggo Waffle Taco for dessert! Top with your favorite toppings.

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This Buffalo Chicken Waffle Taco only takes 15 minutes to make! Your favorite Eggo waffle reinvented.

Buffalo Chicken Waffle Taco

This Turkey Avocado Eggo Waffle Taco takes less than 10 minutes to prepare from start to finish.

Turkey Avocado Waffle Taco

Eggo Brie & Apricot Waffle Tacos are great for breakfast or dessert! Recipe courtesy of Megan Woodworth Colucci.

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Reuben Waffle Taco – An easy recipe to make that is great for breakfast, lunch or dinner!

Reuben Waffle Taco

Pizza Waffle Taco – Eggo waffles have never tasted so good! An easy dinner go-to.

Pizza Waffle Taco

Fold to create a waffle taco! Stuff with Greek yogurt, fruit, almonds and honey! Recipe courtesy of Ashli Giffin.

Fresh Eggo on the Run

This waffle taco recipe takes the cake! Recipe courtesy of Amber Pretty Dutton.

Eggo Waffle Taco

Shredded Apple Waffle Taco – A dessert waffle taco you’ll be enjoying again and again. Recipe courtesy of Karie Houghton.

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Click here to find all three recipes and the secret to making the perfect waffle taco! Breakfast never tasted so good.

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Blueberry Waffle Taco –This delicious dessert is so easy that it only requires three ingredients to make. Recipe courtesy of Michelle Fahey.

Blueberry Waffle Taco