The wolf and the raven

I like the wolf int he center and do 2 ravens on top, one black and one colored or white for Hugin and Munin

I already want a compass tattoo on my left wrist, and absolutely love the idea of adding the Peter Pan quote!! (my favorite play/movie/story/everything!!!!!) :D

"So Peter. Your adventures are over. To live. To live would be an awfully big adventure." Different style, but love the quote.

75 Best Tattoos for Men in 2013 | Tattooton

Raven tattoo design is one of the best and popular tattoos which express your passion and great desire of flying. Raven tattoo design is suitable both for men a

James - @jamestattooart

Man With Realistic Skull And Forest Scene Upper Sleeve Tattoo I would like to put the startinc & finishing steps through this and take away the deer and some top.

Everything I want in one tattoo. Couldn't be more perfect ❤️

Another beautiful tattoo for the prettier sex. Days fly, with the advancement of technology faster and faster and so try to spend them on the most beautiful way.

Amazing Skull & Hourglass Tattoo by Freda Oliveira - TATTOOBLEND

Amazing Skull & Hourglass Tattoo by Freda Oliveira