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General Geekery

If you like this, check out my anime and k-drama board. :D Geek life is so much more fun than regular life.

General Geekery

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Last pinner said: "Started watching Hannibal today.... god help me." <--embrace the madness my friend.

If only he saw the hero he would become...


How to Put Together a Hobbit Menu | Devour The Blog: Cooking Channel's Recipe and Food Blog ....might just try

Harry Potter Recipes-- score

Harry Potter isn't the brightest crayon in the box


The Nintendo Avengers

For all you Eat Your Kimchi/Exo fans out there.. I LOST MY PANTS!

  • Abby Rhoton
    Abby Rhoton

    So funny! Scrolling, and then see Simon. "Simon! Why is your face here?!"

That's rough buddy. Puella Magi Madoka Magica and Avatar

HAH! (Link, Legend of Zelda)

Part two to grape eyed Jawn. #sherlock #cumberbatch

It's hard to imagine MTV ever actually being GOOD. #Daria


Community - best show on TV!

OMOcat is my favorite.

Every day the Sherlock fandom descends deeper into madness

  • St.Marten Girl
    St.Marten Girl

    We've nearly hit the bottom

  • Goose Girl
    Goose Girl

    more like every minute or every second

  • Maria Megido
    Maria Megido

    Don't you mean "we've nearly hit the concrete"

  • St.Marten Girl
    St.Marten Girl

    *glares and cries*

Stuff to do with a Sonic Screwdriver

Awwwww Bolin and Pabu. I miss Legend of Korra

Chipotle and Adventure Time?

Pewdiepie and Cry

Mario Party truth

This is when the Mario Kart training pays off

I can't believe I spent so long NOT being in the Sherlock fandom. Sigh.

  • Hannah Garcia
    Hannah Garcia

    I feel like John and Moriarty should swap, just to provoke the johnlockers

  • 2ollux captor
    2ollux captor

    Sherlock. What are you doing. Sherlock. Stahp.

  • gabbie comstock
    gabbie comstock

    sherlock should just stop

  • Janae Claussen
    Janae Claussen

    Oh the hiatus

Dalek cosplaying the Doctor. =)