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General Geekery

If you like this, check out my anime and k-drama board. :D Geek life is so much more fun than regular life.

General Geekery

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Last pinner said: "Started watching Hannibal today.... god help me." <--embrace the madness my friend.

If only he saw the hero he would become...


How to Put Together a Hobbit Menu | Devour The Blog: Cooking Channel's Recipe and Food Blog ....might just try

Harry Potter Recipes-- score

Harry Potter isn't the brightest crayon in the box


The Nintendo Avengers

For all you Eat Your Kimchi/Exo fans out there.. I LOST MY PANTS!

  • Abby Rhoton
    Abby Rhoton

    So funny! Scrolling, and then see Simon. "Simon! Why is your face here?!"

That's rough buddy. Puella Magi Madoka Magica and Avatar

You're just jealous 'cause I sound like a rockstar

HAH! (Link, Legend of Zelda)

Part two to grape eyed Jawn. #sherlock #cumberbatch

It's hard to imagine MTV ever actually being GOOD. #Daria


Community - best show on TV!

OMOcat is my favorite.

Every day the Sherlock fandom descends deeper into madness

  • St.Marten Girl
    St.Marten Girl

    We've nearly hit the bottom

  • Goose Girl
    Goose Girl

    more like every minute or every second

  • Maria Megido
    Maria Megido

    Don't you mean "we've nearly hit the concrete"

  • St.Marten Girl
    St.Marten Girl

    *glares and cries*

Stuff to do with a Sonic Screwdriver

Awwwww Bolin and Pabu. I miss Legend of Korra

Chipotle and Adventure Time?

Pewdiepie and Cry

Mario Party truth

This is when the Mario Kart training pays off

I can't believe I spent so long NOT being in the Sherlock fandom. Sigh.

  • Hannah Garcia
    Hannah Garcia

    I feel like John and Moriarty should swap, just to provoke the johnlockers

  • 2ollux captor
    2ollux captor

    Sherlock. What are you doing. Sherlock. Stahp.

  • gabbie comstock
    gabbie comstock

    sherlock should just stop

  • Janae Claussen
    Janae Claussen

    Oh the hiatus

Dalek cosplaying the Doctor. =)