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Schatzii BULLET Bluetooth Earpiece | ēgō Magazine

The BULLET Bluetooth Earpiece + Charging Capsule by Schatzii is state-of-the-art audio design at its finest, and the world’s smallest Bluetooth Earbud. Ultra lightweight and comfortable weighing The…

Koio Collective – Capri Nero | ēgō Magazine

Constructed with the finest calfskin leathers, hand-finished with unrivaled attention to detail, their shoes exude quality but do not sacrifice comfort.

Marshmallow Crossbow | ēgō Magazine

The Marshmallow Crossbow is handmade in Vancouver, B. It is a stylish projectile toy designed to shoot marshmallows 60 feet.

Geko Smart Whistle | ēgō Magazine

The world can sometimes feel like a scary place and personal safety is paramount, a new product by Geko wants to ensure you always feel safe when you are in

Jabra Eclipse and Halo Smart Bluetooth Accessories | ēgō Magazine

The carrying case doubles as a portable charger. The headset charges in your pocket while you’re on the go, so it’s ready when you are.

Related Garments | ēgō Magazine

Related was built on the belief that too many men are ignoring a quick and effortless way to improve their style: upgrading their underwear.

Tessel Supply Jet Pack 2.0 | ēgō Magazine

Tessel have done an amazing job in crafting a backpack that is so extraordinarily average it actually disappointed us.

HTC 10 | ēgō Magazine

HTC are back with what many are calling the best android phone of the year and we have to agree.

Wren V5US Sound System | ēgō Magazine

Imagine an audio system that not only has the purest sound but also is pretty much compatible with every device and application across various platforms from pc

Zero-G backpack by Keep Pursuing | ēgō Magazine

Being toted as the World's Most Advanced backpack, the Zero-G by Keep Pursuing has entered the ring with some pretty innovative hard hitting features that could

Oliberté - Fair Trade Certified Shoes | ēgō Magazine

Oliberté is a sustainable fair trade footwear brand supporting workers’ rights in sub-Saharan Africa. Oliberté became the first Fair Trade Certified™ footwear factory in 2013 - because every pair of shoes, every purchase, every person matters.

Libratone ONE and TOO Bluetooth speakers | ēgō Magazine

There's one big thing that sets this Bluetooth speaker apart from the rest of the competition

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