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family: Saxe-Anything

Saxony's multitudinous combinations and recombinations (Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, Saxe-Altenburg, Saxe-Weimar etc.); Wettin, Braganza-Saxe-Coburg-Gotha

family: Saxe-Anything

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King George v and Family - John Lavery 1914

King George and Family - John Lavery 1914 | Eva's blog

Saxe Coburg Dynasty Family Tree from Wikipedia--since it was drawn up, King Albert of Belgium has abdicated in favor of his son Philippe.

Portrait of Pedro V, King of Portugal, Franz Xaver Winterhalter, c. 1854. Of the house of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, and a 1st cousin 1x removed of Victoria and Albert. Called "The Hopeful," was a promising king who died young with several other members of his family of typhoid, not long pre-deceasing his cousin Albert who died of the same disease. Portrait, typical Winterhalter, flattering.

Stephanie of Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen Queen of Portugal as spouse of Pedro V. She died only a year later of diptheria, apparently (according to reported autopsy) still virga intacta. Her husband did not remarry in the short time he survived her, and remained childless.

Stephanie of Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen

Louisa, Duchess of Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld (1800-1831) | Royal Collection Trust A posthumous miniature portrait of Prince Albert's mother commissioned by Queen Victoria.

Leopold and Astrid with their three children

Front of requiem programme

Mass programme of Astrid's funeral

Queen Astrid of the Belgians

Queen Astrid

Queen Astrid of the Belgians and her children

Princess Marie of Edinburgh (later Queen Marie of Romania) and Prince George of Wales (George V): 1890s.

Alexandra as a child with her uncle and godfather Prince Leopold, 1879. Leopold gave Alexandra a gold bracelet which she wore the rest of her life. He died from complications from hemophilia, a disease that would have tragic consequences in Alexandra's own life.

Astrid en Leopold met hun kinderen Josephine Charlotte en Boudewijn

Prince Albert Edward of Wales and Princess Alexandra of Wales

Queen Paola of Belgium

1736 Augusta of Saxe-Gotha, Princess of Wales, consort of Frederick, Prince of Wales, and mother of George III, by Charles Philips

Old Print - Princess with Crown - The Graphics Fairy

Augusta of Saxe-Gotha, (by Charles Philips, detail) (1719-1772) was Princess of Wales between 1736 and 1751, and Dowager Princess of Wales thereafter. She was one of only three Princesses of Wales who never became queen consort. Princess Augusta's eldest son succeeded as George III of the United Kingdom in 1760, as her husband, Frederick, Prince of Wales, had died nine years earlier.

GRAND DUCHESS MARIE ALEXANDROVNA OF RUSSIA - Worn on the 23 January 1874 on the occasion of her marriage to Prince Alfred, Duke of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, son of Victoria, Queen of England.

Prince Alfred Ernest Albert, Duke of Edinburgh and Saxe-Coburg-Gotha of UK and Grand Duchess Maria Alexandrovna of Russia at Winter Palace, St. Petersburg, Russia on 23 January 1874. Five children.

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Princess Napoleon Victor, nee Princess Clementine of Belgium, daughter of Leopold II of Belgium and Marie Henriette of Austria. Granddaughter of Louis Philippe of France and Maria Amalia of the 2Sicilies, thus collaterally related to Marie Antoinette in 2 lines, and a cousin of Queen Victoria and her husband. She married the claimant to the French empire, (her 2nd cousin, 1xremoved) Prince Napoleon Victor, grandson of Jerome Bonaparte.

Queen Elisabeth of Belgium with her granddaughter, Princess Josephine-Charlotte of Belgium, later Grand Duchess of Luxembourg.

Duchess Elisabeth in Bavaria/ Queen Elisabeth of the Belgians - YouTube

queen elisabeth of belgium

Queen Elisabeth of Belgium and her sister, Crown Princess Marie Gabrielle of Bavaria.