Abs, Arms, and Legs: This 20-Minute Kettlebell Workout Targets It All

Rep in: "This can be performed with no equipment so all you need to do is dedicate some time to yourself, for yourself. The workouts will all be based on under 30 minutes of exercise so they are easy to fit in to even the busiest of schedules!"

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5 Exercises To Build Your Body. Rather post this cartoon than a real person's body haha!

Be ready for the New Year with this ultimate weekly fitness challenge!! Grab a fitness buddy and commit to this full week of workouts that tackle different areas of your body each day! #pinitforlater

Back fat!

Grab some weights and work your arms, shoulders, and upper back!

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Office Bod is what happens when your biggest form of activity from 9-to-5 is strolling to the office kitchen and grabbing a bite.

Just in Time For Spring! 21-Day Arm-Sculpting Challenge

PLANK CHALLENGE- Looks easy, lets see how this works out

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6 Core Exercises for Beginners

6 Core Exercises for Beginners

Bridge opposite arm-leg reach | 25 Fat-Burning Exercises You Can Do Anywhere - Yahoo Shine

10-Minute Workout for Defined Arms | Healthy Living - Yahoo Shine

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The Best Fat-Burning Workout for a Packed Gym | Jumpstart 2014 - Yahoo Shine

9 Health Problems You Can Cure with Exercise | Jumpstart 2014 - Yahoo Shine

Each of these exercises works multiple muscle groups for an efficient total-body routine, with some extra emphasis on the upper thighs, an area some p...

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Full Body Fitness Workout. Home Workout. No Equipment. Fat Burn, Body Sculpting. Shape and Tone all over. Free workouts.

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Lose the Pooch! The Best Exercises for Lower Abs 8 moves to melt off that pesky layer of lower-belly fat

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10-Minute Bridal Body Workout to Tone Arms, Legs, and Abs

Intense 12 min ab exercises without equipment. Do this everyday. It's freaking legit

Making sure you drink your 2L of H20 per day... I love this! Need it!

woman performing lunge

Healthy Weight