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, Toradora, Zero no tsukima, Clannad, and Attack on titan. Tsunderes strike again.

The last part though- Sasha looks so heartbroken that she didn't get the candy thing!

Attack on Titan. I don't ship lots of them, like Mikasa x Eren or Erwin x Levi but this pic totally cute :) ERERI FOREVER!


Shingeki no Kyojin - Hanji X Levi comic. (I cried! I'm crying! I don't ship Hanji and Levi but this is so sad.

Che carta scegliete ?

Attack on Titan cards by Hong Kong resident winni-san >>> SNK / AOT elements


This is Cute but Sad.Levi smiled before he woke.Attack on Titan / Shingeki no Kyojin

Che cariiiniiiiiii cazzo

Mini comic Levi and Hanji by Akeshi-Ayame on deviantART- attack on Titan<<<OMG before i saw the last part i thought levi was calling the lizard erwin.

Bertholdt and Annie

Annie Leonhart (Female Titan) & Bertholdt Hoover (Colossal Titan) (Shingeki No Kyojin)

I really wanted Levi and Petra, but that can't happen... So I do kinda ship Levi and Hange. Plus Armin and Annie can't be together anymore....

Attack on Titan wedding. I love the Reiner and Christa, Armin and Annie, Connie and Sasha, and Levi and Hanji.

Esto me pone sad

The feels. I cried when Petra died, basically when the Levi squad died, IM GETTING TEARY EYED. But seriously tho. Does anyone else notice that dab?

Naruto shippuden heroes,  konoha

Naruto shippuden heroes, konoha I think minato should be the saviour cus he saved konoha from the kyuubi and tsunade the legend because she was a part of the legendary sannin and the only female hokage