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Certified in EAGALA, Horse Sense uses Equine therapy to help participants gain an understanding of self and their relationships to others through non-riding interactive, experiential learning activities with horses. Many bosses are turning to equine therapy as a means to strengthen their staff and focus on team building exercises. For more information visit: #teambuilding #equinetherapy #horse

Exactly!!! I fell off a horse or more like slid off before I ever liked a boy and it hurt less

Hysterical-- bawaahaaa. I have not owned a trailer since ownin my farm. Still have 4 horses! Er 3.5 horses. The mini!

I really want this quote as a tattoo and maybe a jumping horse and rider silhouette above it?

Well, Belle, that pint of Jim Beam strapped to your saddle was the beginnin' of the whole story.