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Wow- this is Gods beauty for sure! I can only imagine standing beneath this tree while talking to God. His beauty alone would keep me in tears. God is amazing in all that he does.

sometimes you just need a hug

Mother Gorilla Hugs Baby by Evan Animals, A mother gorilla gently hugs it's 3 year old baby. One of the best things about watching the great apes is to capture a moment like this when they do something so human like.

Spring Lamb...

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Daffodils always spell Easter Sunday to me. Mum always had daffodils everywhere in the house for Easter. Big roast lamb dinner was traditional.


Slow Down!

~♡looking at its own reflection♡~ Golden Tree, Kyoto, Japan

La #naturaleza es asombrosa! La #erosión del viento y el mar, hace cosas tan #preciosas como éstas. : )

sea cave, Malta - Sea caves or the Blue Grotto are located on the island of Filfla in Malta. These caves are popular for their beauty and their location when combined with the sunrise, leads to beautiful shades of blue in the water.

Sun Rays, Sumava National Park, Czech Republic photo via caitlin - Love the sunlight coming through those trees.

Drawing Pencil by Corina Olosutean

Pencil drawing of a horse by Corina Olosutean


“Magic Forest” by Elise Enchanted. A late autumn forest scene done in the rose pink, purple and blue bisexual pride colors ” OMG you mean it’s intentional?


Frente a la Cascada de Gujuli, Urkabustaiz, Spain. add Spain to my bucket list

Un pelicano en la naturaleza de Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Un pelicano en la naturaleza de Playa del Carmen, Mexico



The two towers Bergheim - Alsace_ France

Medieval Towers, France / love the sky in this picture.


Split-view of a coral reef on Tahiti - French Polynesia.


Ponza, Lazio, Italy Ponza is the largest of the Italian Pontine Islands archipelago, located 33 km south of Cape Circeo in the Tyrrhenian Sea. It is also the name of the commune of the island, a part of the province of Latina in the Lazio region.

Love this one!

Beautiful Winter Sunset God sure paints a beautiful sky. Such bold colors too.