Beauty Guide: Nails, Hair and Makeup

From the top of your head to the tips of your toes, this beauty guide can't steer your wrong. Hair tutorials, nail art ideas and skin care recipes you can DIY.
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If you've ever wondered why your makeup doesn't look as good in photos as it does in real life, the reason is that some facial features tend to be "washed out" by photography while others tend do be emphasized. In order to look your best in photos, you should adapt your makeup to a more photo-friendly version of it.

Peppermint essential oil is a natural deterrent against mosquitoes and flying insects. Use peppermint oil alone or in a homemade insect spray to effectively repel mosquitoes, gnats and horseflies.

Homemade face masks can add moisture, fight aging or banish acne from your skin. Using sheet masks means less messy! This facial trend uses thin, absorbent material to deliver concentrated doses of skin-loving ingredients without the goop. Make your own reusable mask with our free pattern download.

Avocado belongs not only in your mouth, but with this recipe, all over your face, too! Trust us, this recipe is so easy and works wonders for your skin! Take care of your skin and do this ASAP (since you already have all the ingredients anyway)

Our heels often bear the brunt, which can cause painful chapped and cracked areas. Give tired feet a warm foot bath followed by a gentle scrub then lather on this DIY soothing balm to heal cracked heels overnight.

4 Skincare Tips I Wish I Had Learned in My Twenties. It's never too late to start taking care of your skin. These 4 tips are a MUST if you want radiant, healthy skin:

The sleep revolution is upon us. We know you need rest for so many health reasons, but here is how you get taht beauty sleep we all so desperately seek! Read on for more info:

Deep blackheads usually require a trip to the spa or to a dermatologist, but try this home remedy first! You'll need an exfoliating facial cleanser, baking soda, mineral water and a tea pot. Get all the instructions here:

If you have dry, dull complexion that won't seem to quit, it's time for a serious skintervention! Taking a supplement can complement your healthy lifestyle — including a nutritious diet, regular exercise program and skincare routine — to offer a little boost and make you look more radiant.

Whether your hair is very dry or heat-damaged, it can benefit greatly from an oil treatment. A hot oil treatment is a great option for low porosity hair. Heat opens the hair's cuticle allowing the oil to penetrate the hair shaft and make the treatment more effective. DIY recipe here:

Bath bombs leave your bathwater cleansing & soothing. However, bath bombs can be expensive and include citric acid that can be harsh on your skin. DIY it using ingredients found at the grocery store, and omit the citric acid. This recipe calls for cream of tartar, which, when combined with baking soda, will give you the same fizzy results!

15 DIYs to treat yourself to an at home spa day! We all deserve a little pampering on the cheap, and these easy to make, all natural ingredients leave you feeling rejuvenated and relaxed in your own home!

Making a great first impression at a job interview may play an important part in the hiring decision, and the right look (outfit, hair, and makeup) can certainly make a difference. A very simple but polished makeup look can ensure that your professionalism and skills (not your makeup) are going to get all the attention.

f you’re faced with blackheads, have no fear – a DIY remedy is here. All you need are some simple ingredients: rubbing alcohol to disinfect and dry out excess oil, and baking soda to clean and exfoliate build up of dead skin. Try it out tonight to remove those blackheads and ultimately keep pesky pimples at bay.

Winter can cause a lot of damage to our skin, but it can all be taken care of with these great tips and DIY remedies! A chamomile face mask to an all-natural toner to balance things out can be found on this list:

This adorable updo takes only 5 minutes! Cute for a work or out with the girls (brunch look complete!). This fuss-free hairstyle works for those times when you are in a rush but still want to look put together.

Brief tutorial on how to apply liquid bronzer, and tips on how to make it look natural. How to achieve a healthy tan by mixing it with foundation.

Choosing the right products and practicing can help any bride to do her own makeup on her wedding day. Follow this brief DIY bridal makeup tutorial for a flawless big day look.

These foods contain high amounts of sugar and are among the worst for your complexion.

Practicing dry body brushing may provide skin benefits as well as health benefits when done properly.

A quick tutorial on how to make lips appear naturally fuller with makeup, with tips on how to choose the right products to use.

How to pack beauty product essentials for a trip, with tips on how to choose the most useful products and save space.

How to achieve a bold lip makeup look with tips for proper application and how to complete the face makeup.

Say good-bye to tangles! This all-natural hair detangler formula is cheap and DIY friendly so you never run out. Recipe here:

Skin always tends to be drier in the winter time, so be sure to take extra care right now! Simple things like switching to a face oil or milder cleanser to help keep your skin from drying even more. Find all-natural products here: