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Beauty Guide: Nails, Hair and Makeup

From the top of your head to the tips of your toes, this beauty guide can't steer your wrong. Hair tutorials, nail art ideas and skin care recipes you can DIY.

Beauty Guide: Nails, Hair and Makeup

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Avoid these foods to avoid acne flare-ups! Diet plays a key role in your acne symptoms. Cutting out dairy and sugar can really help clear up your skin. Learn more about what not to eat here:

Rustic and functional! DIY your own jewelry display that is worthy of space on your dresser. All you need is standard plumbers copper pies and fittings to organize and show off your favorite pieces! How to instructions here:

Keep your brushes organized and your limited vanity space clean with this DIY makeup brush holder. Easy to make and customize to your needs, plus you can decorate it any way you'd like to fit your style and room aesthetics. How-to instructions here:

Finding the right blush for your skin tone is important if you want that natural glow rather than a clownish appearance. Tips on how you can be sure you're getting the best one for you:

Sick and feeling pretty gross? These makeup tricks will help you look more awake and adds the right amount of color back into your face. See which products and tips will do just that here:

Define your eyebrows using makeup the right way! Important for framing your face, you really want to make sure you're doing this right!

How to Make a Makeup Brush Holder (With a Bud Vase!)

Foods containing high amounts of sugar are among the worst for your complexion.

Turns out those quick and easy to use make up wipes might not be getting off all the make up. They tend to also be drying and irritating (since most contain alcohol) and can lead to wrinkles from all the pulling and rubbing! No one wants that! This is how you should be removing your makeup every night:

With this smoothie recipe, you can drink your way to clearer skin.

However, three steps are essential for all skin types (cleansing, toning and moisturizing) and, in order to be effective, they must be done properly. Here are tips and all-natural products no matter what your skin type:

Travel light by simplifying your beauty routine. These essentials should be all you need to stay looking fresh and beautiful on your trip!

Cosmetic labels and ingredient lists can be quite confusing and intimidating, especially when they are filled with claims and unpronounceable words. But it’s important to learn to read labels so you know what you are putting on your body and can verify if a product is really worth the money. Here are three tips on how to read cosmetic labels.

Poor nutrition, sleeping habits and hormone imbalance are the main cause of pimples. These natural remedies help heal shrink small blemishes and heal inflamed skin:

Turmeric is not only super beneficial to eat, it's also a wonderful and safe ingredient for your skin! It's powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal!

Great for a day at the office, date night, and every other occasion imaginable, our Half-Up Braided Hair Tutorial is so easy to achieve!

If you thought it was hard to find a great shampoo that is free from chemicals, this is for you! Get shiny, healthy and bouncy hair with these 6 all-natural shampoos

LOVE these lotion bars. Carry them easily in your purse and through airport security when you travel. Simple instructions to make your own!

Remove tooth tartar in between dentist visits with this easy and safe solution. Don't allow tartar to build up and cause periodontal diseases! Plus, who doesn't want a nice white smile.

Toners may often be considered a nonessential part of a skin-care regimen, but a good toner can actually make a difference. Keep it all-natural with this DIY recipe that is quick and easy to make.

DIY this awesome braided chain headband for every day style

Never squeeze a pimple! These 12 tips are sure to help any skin type that is dealing with annoying acne.