Do your students need more practice developing number sense? This set of printables will help them build number recognition skills, practice number writing, and learn basic place value.

Number Sense Activities - Number Recognition Printables

Questions attached to Jenga blocks.

Lynne, here is another idea for the jenga blocks! Get to know you Jenga. Add a get to know you question to a Jenga piece. Great for icebreakers!

Til engelskundervisningen / for ESL teaching

parts of speech word sort {language arts}--Kids each come up and pick a stick out of my hand and they would have to place it in the right cup! If there’s extra time, they can use the word in a sentence

Welcome to TouchMath, Multisensory Teaching, Learning Math Tools Make Math Fun!

Welcome to TouchMath, a leading multisensory teaching & learning math program for preschoolers, elementary, middle and high school students, learners in Special Ed and students in the autistic spectrum.

Package up your Touch Point Number and Wikki Stix for the next lesson

Touch Math with Wikki Stix! We are carrying on our Touch Point Math suggestions by demonstrating the use of Wikki Stix during Touch Point addition.

Reading Comprehension Sandwich Worksheet

Reading Comprehension Sandwich Worksheet

Touch Math Posters

Touch math -- Visual, auditory, tactile kinesthetic - free printable posters - I used this method without even knowing what it was. It has helped my youngest with her addition and subtraction!

Build a Sentence Puzzle Cups - Fun Reading Activity for Kindergarten

Build a Sentence Reading Activity

Teach Your Child To Read - Build a Sentence Puzzle Cups - Fun Reading Activity for Kindergarten - Teach Your Child To Read