“But I had a date…” - Well just rip my heart out why don't ya?

Captain America and Peggy Carter (Captain America: The First Avenger) Thanks for ripping out my heart and crushing it into tiny pieces

This is probably the coolest thing ever.

This was on my secret bucket list! This person totally beat me to it! This is fabulous enjoyment! Well done :D I hope you had so much fun while putting this together! "This is so epicly awesome!" by sonjalouise


Funny pictures about The True Avenger. Oh, and cool pics about The True Avenger. Also, The True Avenger photos.

Mini!Thor - The Last Pop-Tart by =caycowa on deviantART "I want to swim in the ale." lol

The last Pop-tart! "When I'm done, brother, take me to the Liquor cabinet! I want to swim in the ale!

Wow lol this cracked me up ^_^

Catvengers assemble!

Catvengers Assemble Haha, The Avengers & kitties- some of Mathias' most favorite things!

Would so love to have something like this for my wall :)

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Well now you know you can't play hide and go seek with tony stark. Hey, since he (SPOILER!) took the arch reactor out in Iron Man 3 he actually can hide now.

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