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Dreamy Apartment Interior Displaying Playful Colors: Amazing Shoes Cabinet With Panoramic View Painting On The Door With Minimalist Interior Design Ideas Inspiration ~ CLAFFISICA Apartment Inspiration

Poster by Will Bradley (1868-1962), 1895, The modern poster. (American Art Nouveau illustrator) | JV

William H. Bradley (American, printed and published by Charles Scribner's Sons (American, founded century) The Modern Poster, 1895

Recollecting Nemasket: "Votes for Women": The Women's Suffrage Campaign in Middleborough, 1856-1920

senses-working-overtime: “ Votes for Women 1911 Artist B. Boye “ On 10 October Proposition 4 of 1911 (or Senate Constitutional Amendment No. granted women the right to vote in California.