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There are so many beautiful aspects on yoga, some pictures which will inspire you.
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Set the feeling-tone for your day with this lovely, short morning yoga sequence, perfect for sweeping away stiffness, opening your body and welcoming the new day with joy!

Wake up happy - a morning yoga sequence – Ekhart Yoga

Classes for a general, all round practice - also great for our offline viewing app!

Ten classes for a balanced practice – Ekhart Yoga

This playful sequence will help you get into your body and simply revel in the joy of moving. Make sure each pose - and equally importantly, the transition to each pose - feels delicious. Listen to your body and do what feels good! - Enjoy! :)

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yoga anatomy - Pesquisa Google

Yoga Inspiration

When stress is building and time is short, take five minutes out to do one of these simple stress-busters.

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5 Yoga Tips for Complete Beginners (Infographic)

We are delighted to introduce a new fantastic teacher.......

Lisa Petersen joins EkhartYoga! – Ekhart Yoga

The QL muscles play an important role in supporting our movement and posture. We need to learn to understand and care for these deep muscles..... 

Quadratus Lumborum, the bigger picture – Ekhart Yoga