Freeze small toys in a block of ice...let kids try and get everything out (salt, hammers, water)... great summer fun!

Counting Coconuts: Frozen Fun

MILESTONE MONTHLY MONTH set newborn coming home outfit baby girl brand sparkling new onesie gold black glitter photography prop Hipster

Back to School Chore Charts

Back to School Chore Charts for Before and After School

20 Conversation Starters for Kids - FREE PRINTABLE

5 Ways to Make Family Dinners Awesome - The Realistic Mama

How to make paper planes. Folding instructions for paper planes, from simple to the complex. Classic origami activity for kids

How to Fold Paper Planes - In The Playroom

Ten Commandments Chart in kid words :)

Robot Check

Swing Painting Process Art - super fun art project, perfect for the summer!

Swing Painting Process Art - Homegrown Friends

Running Out Of Womb | 36 Onesies For The Coolest Baby You Know

36 Onesies For The Coolest Baby You Know

Kid-friendly Job Chart- I like this one better than the others I have found. You could put this in a cheap picture frame and use it as a dry erase board.

(005339) Images - Rainbow Resource Center, Inc.

LEGO Picture Puzzles: These are so fun for kids of all ages! Make the original picture of mix it up to make a silly one!

LEGO Picture Puzzles - I Can Teach My Child!

Are you sick of hearing "I'm Bored"? Check out this bright and fun Bored Jar. Half simple chores (designed for kids ages 4-10) and half fun, imaginative play ideas, plus some blanks for you to fill in your own (based on your child's age and interests)! Come grab your FREE PRINTABLE!

"I'm Bored!": Find out what this mom did to banish boredom!

A guide of where your child should be in lettered reading programs. They always show this to you in conferences and then I can never remember the levels. fountas and pinnell

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This is a brilliant way to document your child at every birthday and half birthday! Kids grow and change so fast, this is something everyone will love to look back at and remember! She has attached the fabulous printable so all you have to do is print and interview!

Birthday Interview Printable {Memorabilia}

questions about mom

Pepper and Buttons: 21 Questions to ask your kids

DIY chores clipboard from house of powell

House of Powell

A great idea for kids birthdays to ask the same 20 questions every year and then give it to them when they're older. @ in-the-cornerin-the-corner

A great idea for kids birthdays to ask the same 20 questions every year and then give it to them when they're older. - in-the-corner

Calm Down Yoga Routine for kids - help children manage big emotions

Calm Down Yoga Routine for Kids: Printable | Childhood101

Name Game Clothespins Felt and Foam by KeepingMyKiddoBusy on Etsy--- could make it myself, if i didn't need them for 10 kids i would just buy, this shop is cheap!

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DIY Shoe-Tying Board . Kids Crafts . Fun & Games | PBS Parents

DIY Shoe-Tying Board | Crafts for Kids | PBS Parents

I am sooooo doing this when I have kids! They get to choose what they do, AND how much allowance they get!

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Chore Card- Get 12 punches and trade in for a surprise. Love this idea.

Brought to you by the letter "P"

"I have buckets that I have transformed into seating for students that chose to work in there (great for ADHD and Autistic students)" Love this!

Baby Williams: Classroom organization


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Healthier ways to talk to yourself for kids (and good for adults too)

10 Ways to Raise a Self-Confident Child + Bonus | How Does She

Ask your child these 3 questions every night to help your child learn how to verbally express themselves and to help you learn about their day.

3 Questions to Ask Your Child Every Night - Eyes On Heaven