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Phonics Charts for Guided Reading and Writing


Winner and Buggy For Blends

Common Core Crunch - November...Word Work (Blends, long vowels, short vowels, syllables, spelling), Opinion Writing, Morning Work/Daily Warm Up, Assessment...

Growing Firsties: Common Core Crunch - November

These two posters can be displayed on your classroom wall, used in guided reading groups, or utilized during RTI. Thank you for downloading and t...

Consonant Blends Chart (Bright & Clear Decor)

Use this word building activity during guided reading with a small group to practice blending words and deciding if they are real or made up words....

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Freebie! Blends

Freebie! Blends

Freebie! Blends

Freebie! Blends

FREE! Blend Acitivty Your students will practice the blends in this fun and engaging activity! Match Blitzen's blends with ending chunks to create words. Record the w...

Blitzen's Blends

This sort is perfect for first and second graders learning the consonant blends Sl, Sk, Sp, & St. There are 8 apples for each of the 8 blends. 32 apples to sort total! Students are able to sort the apple words into the bowls that contain the blend title. After sorting, there is a follow up writing activity where the students write the words on a graph under the particular blend title. This activity is perfect for centers!

Apple Consonant Blend Sort: Sl, Sk, Sp, St

Phonics Song 2 - Consonant Blends

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Free blends

Blends! Blends! Blends! Freebie!

This packet includes Consonant Blend Bingo and Cookie Puzzles. In both activities the students will practice identifying consonant blends at the b...

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FREE awesome blends & digraphs board games! :)

Freebie - 5 Initial digraph board games

This is a word sort that helps your students recognize the various types of ending blends in words. It also helps them work on blending sounds toge...

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All games are available with a background color or without it!Fun games for your reading center! Have your students play these games after they...

Blending, Beginning Sounds, and Ending Sounds Practice

Three Letter Consonant Blend

Three Letter Consonant Blend |

teaching blends

Teachers Notebook

review S- blends

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Pizza Blends!

Commutative Property, Property of Zero, and Blends!

A helpful list and anchor charts of blends and phonemes. Includes traceable flashcards. FREE download.

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A great way to practice blends.

The Daily Alphabet

Final Blends display banners

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Initial Blends display banners

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This freebie is part of the much larger Itsy Bitsy Spider Packet I have on sale on TpT. If you like this, you're sure to enjoy the Itsy Bitsy Spide...

Free! Web of Blends Sort

word work

Peterson's Pad: Daily 5