FREEBIE!! Short and Long Vowel Sound Word Sort

Short and Long Vowel Sound Word Sort

These fun response lollipops will put a sweet twist on your review activities in class. I use them primarily for quick assessments with students on...

{Free} Response Lollipops

This 40-page packet includes the materials for five different literacy centers, (a, e, i, o, u) each comparing long and short vowel sounds. For ea...

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Here are 10 practice sheets for long and short vowels. There are 2 for each vowel, one with nonsense words and one with real words. These can be ...

Short and Long Vowel Word Sort and Practice

This literacy center is a fun way for your little ones to practice differentiating between long and short vowel sounds. 20 picture cards, 2 sorting...

We Dig Vowel Sounds!

Students sort 16 airplane themed word cards based on the vowel sounds of short a and long A.Student directions, recording sheet, and answer key...

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This is a pocket chart activity using vowels. I used this activity to have students distinquish between short and long vowels. I put all the a vowe...

Vowels Pocket Chart Activity

Simple activity where students match the 'cherry' words to the correct Long a or short a 'float' mat.Recording sheet included. ...

Short a Long A - Cherries

This game focuses on the 5 short and long vowels sounds. As the student matches the words with the correct vowel, they will record their answer on...

Short and Long Vowel Game

This set includes:-Long a word cards-Short a word cards-Sorting MatsStudents must sort the word cards according to their long or short a ...

Sliding Into Second Grade

Here are 5 FREE adorable reading buddies who promote the knowledge of short and long vowels. Beautiful and colorful, they are a great way to decora...

Today in Second Grade

Free! Long and short vowels!

Pitner's Potpourri: Long and Short Sort -- Double Freebie

Rack Track Vowel Sort

Classroom Freebies: Rack Track Vowel Sort

short u and long u game

Extra Special Teaching


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short a and long a

The Inspired Apple: Oh So Thankful November Activity Pack!

Vowel Sound Sorts

Simply Centers: Vowel Sound Sorts

New FREEBIE to practice differentiating between long and short vowel sounds :)

We Dig Vowel Sounds!

Short e/long e sort

Heather's Heart

Worksheets: Vowel Sounds: Long A, Short A

Vowel Sounds: Long A, Short A

Short e/long e sort

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short and long vowel sorts

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short i and long i word family

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Worksheets on vowels

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Phonogram Chart

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