Tijuana Baja California MX♥ I'm Adriana Leyva, Graphic design, Queen, the piano, rain, film, Freddie Mercury, photography, Art, Across the universe, jackets on cold days, shopping and a good book

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26 weeks gone, 26 weeks to go ! The days are slowly getting brighter every day and it makes me feel so much more alive. I can't wait for springtime and summer, it feels like this winter has lasted forever. Facebook. Tumblr. Instagram.

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Dream Car of Faroe 1955 This Dream Car with gullwing doors was home built in (approx) 1955 by Almar Nordhaug, a Norwegian expat who lived in Tórshavn on the Faroe Islands. The futuristic build was based on a Vauxhall Cresta chassis, engine and drivetrai

“That ten minute window of opportunity where the sun has set, the moon is barely visible in the fading lit sky, the street lamps are lighting the paths in front of me and the city lights though dim, outline the diminishing skyline.”

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