How to Tie a Tie !

Looking for an easy way to tie a tie? Here is an info-graphic with 4 easy ways to tie your tie. Ways to tie the – Four In Hand, Half Windsor, Windsor and Shell Knot. Here are more DIY articles …


Kitchen Cabinets that Store More

Small-Appliance Solution Keep counters clear and the look of your kitchen flawless by stashing small appliances away. Here a spring-loaded shelf in an island cabinet easily moves the mixer to countertop height. An outlet inside the cabinet el

Stealing a kiss before the wedding, but keeping it traditional.

This is one idea I MAY consider for a pre-wedding photo! Even if you don’t want the groom to see you before the wedding, you can still sneak a kiss and a great photo. Blindfold the groom and have the photographer snap a shot of the pre-wedding kiss.

Stormtrooper family moments.

Star Wars Movies Stormtroopers dad's fathers holding child son children daughters storm troopers up in air

Angel Oak Tree - Charleston, SC

1500 year old 'Angel Oak' in Charleston, South Carolina. (Charleston has tons of year old live oak trees, it's gorgeous.

"tweet" sign. not a bad idea.

Malibu Wedding by All You Need Is Love Events + Jagger Photography

hashtag for weddings! It's great because then you get to look at every post/photo that was tagged with the specific hashtag!

Lego!  (for Christopher)

This guy (Nathan Sawaya) has a great website (and gallery) or his Lego Sculptures - City build on a hand Lego Sculpture Lego Art Sculpture -