Quilted hands mandala.

Love the unique decorations of these handprints! What a great "buddy" project to explore the idea of friendship in Judge Julie Truly. Each child will create on their level. They can take their handprints home.

Mandala basics::honeyandollie

How to build your own mandala. Look for radial symmetry of 8 or Mandalas can be created on paper, in the earth, or by using repeating found objects such as leaves, twigs and flowers. (Mandalas can be many things, yknoww)

Mandalas big and small

Nervous in The Light of Dawn ~ artist Courtney Martin (via Art ❖ Graphics ❖ Design ❖ Illustrations) Circles, circles, circles.

Quilted mandala.

This is a Vivid Mandala. It may look like just some pretty colours but encoded within Mandalas / Scared Geometry / Sacred Art are the blueprints to the universe. What do you see.

Famous Quotes

Dante in a quote Helen Keller quote "The only thing worse the being blind is having sight buy no vision"

Westie running in a field of lavender.

❤ Lucky little white doggie has the beautiful lavender rows to take a walk in ❤