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flower nymph - she's delicate, easily broken but also strong, firm and if given the chance blooms vibrantly. Wildlife creatures protects her.


She looks like Hermione from harry potter (how ever u spell her name lol)<<< I fixed it for you. Btw it is Hermione

Ref eau

Anime picture original salt (salty) long hair single tall image looking at viewer open mouth blue eyes brown hair twintails ahoge underwater dress lift girl dress animal white dress sundress bubble (bubbles) fish (fishes) 364329 en

wominago: “ -PENPON-的微博_微博 ”

((ALICE: Alyssa AND THE HATTER: Nameless Roleplay we online )) Alice smiled as she tied her dress. The hatter asked her to dress pretty before coming back to Wonderland. She was so excited to see him. (credit to

Koyori FRONT

Koyori is the next member of the Nexus Mosaic, over by her weapon for Tazuna Takatsuki. Guess, but sure I am pretty more confident for that!