I watched 11 freaking seasons of this show over 6 months...loved and hated every minute.

Meme about Grey's Anatomy - S12E01

Greys anatomy <3

Grey Nicknames ~ though I liked Addison's other title: "There is a land called Passive Agressiva, and I am their queen," & Bailey went from The Nazi to Booty-Call Bailey! And Meredith is also Medusa!

meredith and christina make me wish i still had a best friend. I have friends. i have a bf. but not a best (girl) friend.

Greys Anatomy Cartoon Cristina Yang and Meredith Grey

It was destroyed on the day that Derek Shepherd died.

"Who told my ass that it was a good idea to ever watch a Shonda Rhimes show I'm not emotionally stable enough for this shit.

Dra. Bailey - Grey's Anatomy

Bailey - Grey's Anatomy she is just perfect

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Can we talk about how much foreshadowing this scene had? In the order of which they left even!