Savoury cracked corn (Chenchén)

Recipe: Chenchén (Cracked corn pilaf) – Dominican Cooking

Locrio de Pica-Pica (Rice and spicy sardines)

Locrio de Pica-Pica (Dominican Rice and Spicy Sardines) recipe

Pastelón de arroz (Rice casserole)

Pastelón de Arroz (Rice Casserole)

Crema de cepa de apio (Creole celery root cream)

Dominican Crema de cepa de apio recipe (Creole celery root cream)

Christmas vegan eggplants

Christmas Vegan Eggplant Roulade

Roasted auyama (West Indies pumpkin) cream with cheese crust

Cream of roasted auyama soup with cheese crostini recipe

Ensalada rusa (“Russian” potato salad)

Ensalada Rusa (“Russian” Potato Salad)

Cabbage stew: vegan, light. *I'm not a huge fan of cabbage, but this actually looks pretty good!

Repollo Guisado Recipe (Cabbage Stew)

Pescado guisado (Escovitched fish)

Pescado guisado / en escabeche (Escovitched fish) recipe

Higado Encebollado (Liver and Onions)

Higado Encebollado (Liver with Onions) recipe

Carne ripiada (shredded beef)

Carne Ripiada Recipe (Shredded Beef)

Carne Mechada (Braised beef roll)

Recipe: Carne Mechada (Braised beef roll) – Dominican Cooking

Salami guisado (Dominican sausage stew)

Salami guisado recipe (Dominican “Salami” hotpot)

Pastelón de arroz (Rice and beef casserole)

Pastelón de arroz (Rice casserole)

Pastelón de harina de maiz (Cornmeal casserole)

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Mango and shrimps salad

Mango and Shrimp Salad Recipe

Chulitos (Cassava mini-rolls) - Dominican Cooking

Recipe: Chulitos (Cassava mini-rolls) – Dominican Cooking

Quipes or Kipes (Deep fried bulgur roll)

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Receta Bolitas de Plátano Maduro y Queso

Cheese-Crusted Ripe Plantain Balls Recipe


Dominican tostones recipe (twice-fried plantains)

Spicy Red Bean Stew

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Empanaditas/Pastelitos (savory turnovers) recipes to make them with choice of filling. Chicken, vegetable or cheese

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habichuelas con dulce... maybe an ice cream version?

Habichuelas con dulce ( Dominican Sweet cream of beans) Recipe

Spicy ox-tail to try this.

Rabo Encendido (Spicy Oxtail Stew)


Recipe: Guanimos (Cornmeal and beef pockets) – Dominican Cooking