Eleanor Johansen

Eleanor Johansen

Eleanor Johansen
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Rolf Carlyle Equestrian Centre

Rolf Carlyle Equestrian Centre - okay not a castle but I can imagine a royal stable looking something like this.

DIY Easy Horse Shelter | EASY DIY and CRAFTS for starters

A great looking field shelter. I like that it has gates so you can keep them in if need be. I would even like this as a small rabbit barn- cages in one side and a large run in the other for exercise & play time.

Dream horse barn

This is my Mansion/Barn awaiting me in heaven. lmao And it is filled with a horse of every color, shape, size, and breed! hahaha A girl can dream right? Yes, she can and I have the very same dream!


thing I do when I become millionare is to buy barn like this (lots of fenced in acres around it too) ----- then go to the pound and adopt all the dogs there so they can live rest of their life happy in this barn!