Bengal Kitten- Mungo, I wish I had been more prepared. I miss you so much. I will never forget having to hand-feed you because you were too small to eat real food, and how you would cry when you couldn't find me, because to you, I was your mother.


Pufferfish (Arothron stellatus?) by Jacopo Werther: Capable of surprising bursts of speed when pursued, a back up defense mechanism is to fill its extremely elastic stomach with water until it is much larger and almost spherical in shape. All puffers have


May the white light of the Holy spirit surround and protect all the animals of this world.. Keep them safe and happy,, May they find peace and love through the hands of humans 4 all of their days here on this earth... In Jesus's name I pray "Amen ~ Amen"


Talented artist Landysh over at Lingvistov knows her felines only too well, and depicts hilarious “cat truths” every cat-slave knows in a series of unique and quirky illustrations. They’re totally on point, so be sure to check them out!