Sparkling Fashion: How to make Tutu dress/Princess frock lots of really cute ideas -- different details on this site

How to make a no sew tutu. Create a custom sized tutu with this easy no-sew ribbon tie tutu tutorial. This peacock inspired tutu is perfect for Halloween!

Living Easy: Tulle Skirt

in a different color, but still a great how to! Adult Tulle Skirt for tooth fairy, fairy godmother, etc, costume Maybe black with purple or orange or green tulle

Not sure when I would need makeup this bright but this is a nice tutorial

Green Butterfly Eyeshadow Tutorial

I dont know about the green, but good technique for any color. Green Butterfly Eyeshadow Tutorial for fairy or elf *or poison ivy.

Costume Fairy Wings | Character Halloween Costumes:

Fantasy Fairy Wings - beautiful long sinuous curvy lines and soft colours. Imagine these with extra fabric between the spines so they could be controlled like Isis Wings!

Could be modified for steampunk fashion>>Matching arm cuffs upper and lower order any by InMyFairyGarden

Matching arm cuffs upper and lower order any colour flower and vine flower fairy slave bracelet arm cuff and matching upper arm cuff

black elven cape by Firefly Path

~Black Elven Cape~ The perfect addition to your gown that will bring it into the fantasy realm. Sweeping chiffon falls from the beaded collar. With Hood More

Elven ears (a pair). LOTR Jewelry LOTR elf ears elf earrings no piercing earrings wire ear cuff elf ear wrap Cosplay jewelry Vairë Elf Ears elf ear cuff fairy ears elven ears Elfen-Ohrschmuck elven jewelry USD More

Woodland fairy ear cuff in copper with green leaf dangle, wood elf ears, poison ivy cosplay, rustic earrings

DIY circle skirt - reversible, double-layer, double-slit

DIY Circle Skirt for dancers! [reversible & double-layer & double-slit

Make this DIY circle skirt perfect for dancers! It's reversible, and it has 2 layers and 2 slits - very versatile! Get the FREE cheatsheet here!

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Pretty colors and I like the raw edges. Generally don't love asymmetrical skirts, but some are irresistible