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Katsushika Hokusai Electronic Circuit Board

“Motherboard Earth” – Illustration Project by Alain Bousquet. the wave now a days japanese prints for a new generation

Stained from nights dancing in the stars

She wore the cosmos on her feet, danced upon the backs of galaxies and dazzling universes. She traveled where she wished for all she had to do was take a step and there she was. - something he says when she's dancing


Untitled by London-based English artist Emma McNally Digital (from graphite on paper drawing)

Constellations of Hydra continued Corvus Noctua by mapsandposters, $11.88

Alexander Jamieson: 'A Celestial Atlas Comprising a Systematic Display of the Heavens in a Series of Thirty Maps'

floral Pisces constellation

floral Pisces constellation cuz I'm a Pisces and on Wednesdays we ink pink . For the cure, ladies.