Harrison Ford - Indiana Jones- this man is my brothers favorite of all time! He loves INDIANA JONES!

Paul Newman

Paul Newman gets my vote on most handsome, sexiest actor in history! Not to mention he loved his wife of 50 years like a man should and was infinitely generous with his charity donations

Robert Redford and Paul Newman.

Robert Redford + Paul Newman in “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid,” Photo by Lawrence Schiller My favorite movie!

Malkovich - So freaky at times but such a mesmerizing actor.

John Gavin Malkovich (born December is an American actor, producer, director, and fashion designer. Over the last 30 years of his career, Malkovich has appeared in more than 70 motion pictures.

River Phoenix

River Phoenix

the beautiful River phoenix. Gorgeous image of the tragic star. Legend and stunning person and actor


Harrison Ford - the man is Han Solo and Indiana Jones and will always be one of my favorite actors.