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Warded Man by Nefillim on DeviantArt

My personal Vision as Kylar would look like. Including Stuff: Body (Witcher), Face (Final Fantasy), some little various parts from Assassions Creed, and the Ka'kari i took off the of.

Art Of My Heart | ~ The Darkness Has Its Own Light ~Coldagnir as a balrog

A lethal Fire Guardian. Climbed his way up from Lower Class to Elite, but still prefers to live the Lower Class life. Aloof from his Group, but cares for it.

It was everything she had hoped for and more. A majestic world that she could call her own. Hummingbirds buzzed in the air, grass tickled her toes. "Wow" is all she could think. "Wow".

The Forest of Mist. The mist is created by Ebeors who inhabit the forest. However, the plants in the forest have incredible healing properties and are used by the best healers in the Isolated Kingdom.

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♔ Enchanted Fairytale Dreams ♔ I used to imagine/see places like this aand want so badly to live there. I couldn't wait until I grew up to run off and go live here. I'd still leave if I could find a place like this.