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Marimekko's spring collection

Nike Women sporty Heels shoes in colorful Nhel013 outlet

OUCH!!! Christian Louboutin Asteroid 160 Spike Toe Pumps

  • Elesha Maynard
    Elesha Maynard

    I really hate those. Like really.

Muscle leggings? Seriously?

Yes, this actually happened.

  • Paige Davis
    Paige Davis

    Elesha what world did we think this was ok?

  • Elesha Maynard
    Elesha Maynard

    Paige Davis NO idea! I showed the kids and they were super-impressed :)



When I think of never being pregnant again, it saddens me that I will never have the chance to take a photo like this one.... just a little bit ;)

  • Cathy Beasley
    Cathy Beasley


  • Sarah Michelle
    Sarah Michelle

    well that is sufficiently creepy...

  • Quinn Franchesca
    Quinn Franchesca

    What. The. Hell. Is. That?

This is the scariest animal I have ever seen.

I'm sorry....but I just don't like them!!

  • Crystal Reno
    Crystal Reno

    Thank you!!! I don't like them either - I started to think I was the only one!!!

  • Tierra Small
    Tierra Small

    I just want to like that you hate them also! They have the best marketing plan cause doubt they would sell if not!!!


  • Crystal Reno
    Crystal Reno