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Favorite Elevate Kids Series

Your favorite Elevate Kids series for kids ages 6-12!

Favorite Elevate Kids Series

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Goodman's Global Games Kids - A worldwide sports competition with lessons about some of the judges in the Bible!

Epic Kids - Experience the biggest, and most amazing lessons of the Bible!

In Make Things Industries Kids, children ages 6-12 join Wedge and Kate, the workers of Make Things Industries! Helping the workers on the factory line is Erwin Winowitz, the president, CEO, and founder of Make Things Industries. As products are designed, assembled, inspected, and tested, we’ll learn about people in the Bible who started out as unimportant, but became great when used by God. And when we live like God designed us to, He’ll use us for great things too.

Elevate's newest series, Make Things Industries, is COMING SOON!! Mark your calendars and get ready for an exciting new series! www.elevateatchur...

Altitude Kids - reaching new heights through the Beatitudes!

The Game Show Kids - answering the Big Questions from the Old Testament!

A cruise through the many journeys of Paul as he helped spread the message of Jesus.

  • Elevate At Church
    Elevate At Church

    Excited about our latest series, Port Of Call!

An in-depth, ongoing, up-to-the-minute investigative report on the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus.

  • Cheryl Hash
    Cheryl Hash

    Of the few we have done, this has been my favorite. The music is great!

Learning to Control Your Character!

  • Candy Wheeler Payne
    Candy Wheeler Payne

    The kids really loved this one...and the volunteers did too:)

  • BlaineandHeather Lee
    BlaineandHeather Lee

    This was a great series. The race was super fun too!

  • Elevate At Church
    Elevate At Church

    Congratulations @Courtney Windley, you have won the base pack for both Kids and Jr. of our latest series, Port Of Call! Please email to claim this prize for your ministry.

Learning to Never Give Up!

  • Alisha McMackin
    Alisha McMackin

    Love the music in this series, and Jenny Alright is my hero!

Discover the three ring circus of some of the Bible's most interesting characters!

Getting Away And Getting To Know God

  • Holly Bennett
    Holly Bennett

    This is probably my favorite Kids's so hard to pick!

  • Angela Richardson
    Angela Richardson

    This series really was fun! The kids learned so much about God through this series... We all wanted to go to ALLASO RANCH for camp:)

Come experience the wonders of Christmas!

Using the Bible to solve life's mysteries!

  • Autumn Schiele
    Autumn Schiele

    Love this series!

  • Corey Jones
    Corey Jones

    This was my kids favorite so far. They especially likes our rendition of the skits!

Practicing the right moves for a successful Christian life.

  • Jennifer Nichols
    Jennifer Nichols

    The kids LOVED this one!!

  • Tarah Eldridge
    Tarah Eldridge

    Our kids loved this one too!!

Keeping rhythm with the life of Abraham.

Lights! Camera! Action! To discover who are your friends?

  • Elevate At Church
    Elevate At Church

    So excited it's in Francais and Espanol!

A study in living life right side up!

Project cooperation!

Keeping step with the life of Joshua.

  • Deborah Sisco
    Deborah Sisco

    This is my favorite pick! Aviator Church is located near McConnell Airforce Base so we have lots of military influence. Kids LOVED it! They especially loved the review time with the Legos setup.

  • Joni Lum
    Joni Lum

    We loved this series!

  • Kim Monack
    Kim Monack

    I have three kids in the military and so my Sunday School kids are very familiar with the the basics. We loved Boston and Beans and the Legos were amazing. I had bought blank dog tags and used a label maker putting there name on one side and Josh 1:9 (which the kids know is our family verse having 2 deployed.

  • Deborah Sisco
    Deborah Sisco

    Kim, that's an awesome idea! I need to do that for all our military kids!

Learning to live a life of worship.

Using our physical bodies in obedience to God.

Developing the noble character God wants you to have.

Diving deep into the book of James.

Tracking down the Prophets of the Bible.

  • Bethany Boring
    Bethany Boring

    This would be my vote for our FAVORITE Elevate series. Our elementary group really responded well to this, especially the concept of a team mission where literally every kid played a vital part in solving each week's case! It was SO neat seeing our group working TOGETHER and it really helped me identify student leaders! GREAT SERIES!!

  • BlaineandHeather Lee
    BlaineandHeather Lee

    One of my favorites. Maybe THE favorite. This one had so much with sneak and hide and also the clues. So good!

  • Dayle Sperling
    Dayle Sperling

    We LOVE Spy Chase! One of our FAVORITES!