Emilie Lewis
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Leaky bucket game. Put a ping pong ball in a bucket. Line kids up and give them cups. They pass water down the line, last person pours it into the bucket. When they get the ping pong ball to float to the top of the bucket, they win. If you have enough, use two teams and make it a race.

Fun & Games or Water Week: Leaky Ladder Get set: Put a ping-pong ball into a two-gallon bucket. Assemble the kids about ten feet away, next to a five-gallon bucket of water.

Duck, Duck, SPLASH. Kids water games for groups - summer

Looking for summer water games for kids? Check out this version of Duck Duck Goose called Duck Duck Splash. It's fun to play for summer parties.

Learn with Play at home: Toddler Inside Water Play Activity. An invitation to play and investigate with water with ways to simplify and extend to suit your child.

What are the best play ideas for toddlers? If you were thinking up the perfect mix of activities for what would you have on your list? I asked some friends what their children think are the perfect play ideas and here’s what we came up with.