DIY how to make a gift bow

DIY gift wrap bow from magazine pages or any old scrap paper. For a fuller bow, use thicker, longer strips. More sturdy paper will make a more sturdy bow. Fun and easy to play around with!

Tutorial: How to Make a Paper Spike Bow

ArtMind: Guest post: Tutorial: How to Make a Paper Spike Bow diy-and-gifts

How to make the perfect bow ~~ the Tiffany way. No knots!

Need to save time wrapping gifts this season? Here are holiday and Christmas wrapping ideas to get your gifts wrapped quickly and beautifully this holiday.

tut on making these cute bows

Easy step by step bow making. Used this last Christmas, but took up too much ribbon.

How to make a layered bow

How to make a layered bow. Lay the thin orange ribbon vertical (not shown on step). Place the wide orange ribbon into loops on top of the thin ribbon with one end of the ribbon on the left and the other end on the right.

paper german stars for christmas craft idea!

Froebel Star - German Christmas Star called Fröbelstern in Germany. It is a popular decoration for Christmas trees made from four strips of folded paper.

great for headbands, bows, wreaths, etc...

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