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Mehen is an ancient Egyptian game, references to which have been found already in the predynastic period, before 3100 BCE. The game is a spiral in the shape of a coiled snake with the snake's head in the center of the disk. The name Mehen, can refer to the spiral form of the game or its representation of the Egyptian snake-god Mehen.   #EgyptianGames #Mehen

Games were popular in ancient Egypt – this limestone board was for playing mehen (‘the snake game’). The board is shaped like a coiled snake, and two teams of up to six players raced marbles from tail to head and back again.

Aseb is the Egyptian version on the ancient Middle Eastern game called The Game of 20 Squares. According to some historians the Egyptian name of this game was Tjau, which in the ancient Egyptian slang meant "got it" or "bingo", but other claim that this name is a mistake.   #Aseb #EgyptianGames #Gameof20Squares #Tjau

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