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Leonardo da Vinci horse - I have a tattoo of this sketch, done by the talented Nicole Boitos...

"Rearing Horse" depicts the main battle in the Battle of Anghiari in the two Venice sheets. Artist: Leonardo da Vinci Location: Royal Collection, Windsor Castle, London, UK Created: 1503 Dimensions: x cm Period: Renaissance

Leonardo da Vinci, Study of a horse//

For Thursday Art-Day - Leonardo da Vinci’s horses.Leonardo Da Vinci - 1519 Renaissance) appeared to love horses. We know Leonardo’s famous portrait painting, the Mona Lisa and The Last Supper wall painting but did you know Leonardo Da Vin.

Leonardo da Vinci (Horse study) Art Poster Print Masterprint

1108 Gridded painting from the High Renaissance art for educational uses (studio, drawing and quizzes).

Study of Violets, Leonardo Da Vinci (Italian, 1452-1519) ~ Study of Violets

Study of Violets, Leonardo Da Vinci. This would be a really cool incarnation of my violet tattoo idea.

Leonardo da Vinci drew the illustrations for Luca Pacioli's 1509 book De Divina Proportione (The Divine Proportion). Drawing of the Duodecedron Abscisus Elevatus Vacuus, consisting of 120 equilateral triangles, from the manuscript of the book.

Euler and da Vinci shared not only a birthday, but a secondary career as physicists whose work is still vital in today's world: sliding friction, frictional coefficients, beam equations, polyhedra.