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Pixrl Tutorials

Pixrl Tutorials

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How to properly change eye color in pixlr

How-TO! Pixlr tutorial: full face makeover!

PixlrTutor - Enhance Eye Color

Pixlr Tutorial: How to make the iPod Person effect

Custom Texture On text with Pixlr

  • Lacey B.
    Lacey B.

    This was incredibly helpful. I was beginning to wonder about fonts :) Thanks a million!

  • Lacey B.
    Lacey B.

    I enjoyed trying this with a gradient

Pixlr Tutorial: Color Replace Tool (Toy Story)

Clone Stamp Tutorial

Pixlr clone stamp tool

Pixlr: Clone Stamp Tool

Pixlr: Crop Tool

Tutoriel Pixlr 2011: Fusionner deux images pour réaliser un panorama.

Pixlr Tutorial: Harry Potter Collage from Childhood to Adulthood

Pixlr Tutorial: Snowboarder Composite Image

Transforming Selections

Pixlr Tutorial: How to Make a Banner (using layers, style options, and free transform)

Pixlr Tutorial: How to Exclude Color in a Photograph (selection tool)

Using the wand tool in Pixlr, Part 1

Using the Wand Tool in Pixlr, Part 2

Pixlr: Using the Lasso Tools

Pixlr Lasso Tool

Pixlr: Marquee Tool, Brightness and Contrast, Text Tool

Pixlr: Using the Marquee Tool and options

Pixlr: Selection Tools (Marquee, Lasso, Wand)

Pixlr Tutorial: Add Layer Mask Tool

This is the second part of a simple tutorial on how to use the layer tool when editing digital images.