Using Rit Dye to make ugly wooden clothes pins beautiful.

Rit dyed clothes pins -- This is such an easy way to color them! Great idea for adding a punch of color to clothes pins on clip-it behavior charts.

this teacher has some REALLY GREAT organization ideas!!

Number chairs for snack and center time. this teacher has some REALLY GREAT organization ideas! LOVE her bathroom system at the end of the page

27 Costumes For Elementary School Teachers

27 Halloween Costumes For Elementary School Teachers. This would be adorable for kids to dress up as their favorite book character. Great idea for a Halloween night at the library.

cute ways to say bye!

More First Day Stuff!

Goodbye sayings. "see you later alligator give a hug ladybug hit the road happy toad see you soon raccoon out the door dinosaur"

Bookmark for interactive perfect is this?

Add a piece of Duct tape to spiral notebooks to let them live longer. Tape a piece of ribbon to serve as a bookmark. Different varieties of tape colors and ribbon make it fun for the kids to choose!

Is it magnetic? Such an easy science center

Primary level science station for magnets. "Is it magnetic?" This sorting science station is appropriate for pre-k, kindergarten, primary grades, or preschool. With younger children be careful to ensure items size isn't a choking hazard.

use a binder clip to prevent file folders from moving...genius!

Nine Great Uses for Binder Clips

Use a binder clip in your file drawer to keep a semi-full drawer in check. More binder clip ideas too.

{mini bean bags} tutorial -- endless possibilities here || susannah kate

Easy, colorful mini bean bags (for kids to use and adults to make)

Bubble Wrap Painting & Printing Art Projects for Kids #Crafts |

Bubble Wrap Painting & Printing Art Projects

bubble-wrap-painting-art-projects-for-kids - Did this today in a preschool class. Paint the bubble wrap and then press paper on top to make a dot picture!

Watch post-its! You'll never forget!

love post its! Need to remind yourself of something but don’t want to write it on your hand? Why not wear a Post-it note watch! Doriane Favre designed these watch-shaped sticky notes