<--- i need this chick!! haha

I have a lot of room.room for a soul AND sarcasm, but this is funny.

MCDY's bought into Chucky??? huh...

Mc Wtf Oh Sweet Merciful Crap Kill It With Fire and other trending products for sale at competitive prices. Come on in!

O!!! this is how jocks always get by...hmmm

Demotivational Posters - Jiu Jitsu, its only gay if you make eye contact - full size photo posted by Guest

why not??

Demotivational Posters - Fatherhood, if you kill that hooker, you can get your money back on File Hurricane - Free Photo and Video Sharing!


It's strange to see people climbing up the escalator instead of the stairs to the fitness center. If they really wanted the exercise, which is what they're going for, after all, it is a gym, shouldn't they be climbing the stairs?

hey if you like it....i cant say i agree with it...lol

19 of the Worst Eyebrows Ever! These ugly eyebrows, some are God given, some not. But all are downright horrible and crazy. What are these people thinking?



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