Одинокова Элина Андреевна

Одинокова Элина Андреевна

Одинокова Элина Андреевна
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Cute PANDORA rings. #PANDORAring

I think the daisy ring is going to be a winner. It looks really nice on and has matching earrings and another ring. Buy a couple of these singles to wear together even.

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The pandora stackable daisy rings melt my heart. if you wanna give Aaron the heads up, I would love these three rings for Christmas or my birthday.D now remember, he may need very detailed instructions on which ones they are.

The iconic PANDORA heart is updated with a new expression thanks to the addition of a glossy violet enamel finish. Reminiscent of the shiny foil-wrapped chocolate hearts given on Valentine’s Day, this sweet design will last much longer, and is sure to be a treasured keepsake of the most romantic day of the year. Soon in stores! #PANDORAbracelet #PANDORAcharm

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