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Supposedly all-white cats with blue eyes are deaf. Hopefully this pretty one beat the genetics. I have a white cate with a blue eye & a gold eye . she did beat the genetics!


Tutorial: How to Draw Lips You can use this simple method to draw different types of lips by making just a few changes in step

Apê em Decoração: DIY: Máscara para dormir Panda-in-Love.

DIY: Máscara para dormir Panda-in-Love.

what are you lil wrinkly animal???  ~KJ~ The contemporary Mutant breed of Sphynx (known also as the Canadian Sphynx, distinct from the Russian Sphynx breeds - Peterbald, Don Sphynx) started in 1966.

Caturday Files- Hairless Baby Kitten - Please adopt, never shop and please support your local shelters and rescue groups. Get involved in spay and neuter charities. We all can do something to help our beloved animals in our communities.