Elisabetta Pizzonia

Elisabetta Pizzonia

Elisabetta Pizzonia
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Nouveau GEMMES Ace of Hearts - playing cards, art, collection, collectibles, design, illustration, cardistry, bijoux, jewelry

Card Back and Aces of the last deck of the Nouveau Series: Nouveau Gemmes Playing Cards.

bonafideplayingcards: “ Nouveau PERLE, a redux version of NOUVEAU Playing Cards, live on Kickstarter http://kck.st/2cZUTwq A completely custom Art Nouveau jewelry inspired deck. A new tuck, back, aces and pips as well as redesigned court cards to...

Дивные игральные карты в стиле ювелирных изделий Art Nouveau. Nouveau PERLE Playing Cards "playing cards inspired by Art nouveau jewelry, depicting the original heroes & heroines from the c.

Hill Behan Lumber Co playing card single swap ace of spades - 1 card

Hill Behan Lumber Co playing card single swap ace of spades 1 card

Nouveau BIJOUX Ace of Spades - playing cards art, game, playing cards collection, playing cards project, cards collectors, design, illustration, card game, game, cards, cardist, cardistry, bijoux, jewelry

Custom playing cards deck depicting the original heroes and heroines from the c. French decks and inspired by the Art Nouveau jewelry

Fox Cards - Ace of Spades

Medieval Playing Cards Renaissance Deck of Cards Historical Whimsical Unique Rainbow Fox Yellow Orange Red Pink Designer Playing Cards