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Author's Purpose

Author's Purpose

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author's make their own "pie" using 2 paper plates and printable

Free Author's Purpose PIE'ED Poster Set

Author's Purpose PIE'ED Posters

$ I created this because I wanted my upper elementary students to take author's purpose a step beyond the basic three (persuade, inform, and entertain). Many multiple choice tests add a fourth purpose as a choice, and when I only focused on the basic three, I wasn't adequately preparing my students for the tests. This is a fun, educational project! www.teacherspayte...

Step into 2nd Grade with Mrs. Lemons: Author's Purpose

Step into 2nd Grade with Mrs. Lemons: Author's Purpose

Author's Purpose PIE'ED Posters

Author's Purpose PIE'ED Posters

Point of View

Teaching With a Mountain View: Teaching Point of View with Pictures! This is an amazing way to teach literacy skills!

Teaching With a Mountain View: Teaching Point of View


This TPT product includes the flow chart and a 10-passage worksheet. www.teacherspayte...

Anchors Away Monday: Zooming in on Point of View

Crafting Connections: Anchors Away Monday {06.02.14}

Buzzing with Ms. B: Point of View Freebie!

Buzzing with Ms. B: Point of View Freebie!

The Advanced Version of Author's Purposed PIE.... Get PIE'ED!!! Anchors Away Monday

Conference Forms Freebie!

Conference Forms Freebie Primary Chalkboard.ppt - Google Drive

I like this Author's purpose foldable. (free on blog!) Gets right to the point and fits in a notebook.

I love this! I use it in my class for a Point of View lesson and the students have to write a diary from the bird's point of view. So much fun. :)

Dog And Cat Diaries

ELA common core 4th grade point of view, Go To to get more Gossip News!

Store: Forkin4th -

Reading Comprehension Skill resource poster...

Author's Purpose with Skittles! Students use the Skittles to show Persuade, Inform and Entertain in one sheet.

Author's Purpose Interactive Notebook Freebie

The Pigs and Wolf Have Different Points of View!

Diary from a Worms Point of View

Differentiated Point of View Task Cards { First and Third

The Point of View unit is a 36 page packet with task cards, worksheets, posters, activities and more that provide your students with lots of practice as they master the concept of reading with an eye towards perspective. It targets Common Core RL 3.6, 4.6, and 5.6 in a really fun and painless way! $

These 32 Common Core Task Cards are created by The Teacher Next Door.Each "Point of View" task card has an excerpt from a piece of literature and asks students to identify the point of view from which the story was written, either first or third person. I really like using task cards and think they are such a versatile tool for the classroom.

Comprehension Skill Graphic Organizer: Author's Purpose