Nonfiction Graphic Organizer for ANY Article or Nonfiction Passage. This graphic organizer will help your students to think critically about any nonfiction article or passage you've read. Students will find facts, opinions, express their own opinion, main idea and supporting details, author's purpose, and text structure. Subjects: Reading, Reading Strategies, Informational Text / Grade Levels: 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th

Nonfiction Graphic Organizer

5 of My Favorite Non-Fiction Series to Engage Readers. FREEBIES to go with each book series. Perfect for elementary and upper grades.


Blog post explains article of the week homework and links to a ton of free resources for implementing it!!! Nonfiction reading, informational text, close reading

Article of the Week

Non-Fiction Text Response Graphic Organizer. 5-3-1. Can be used with any informational text and hits second grade common core reading standard RI.2.1.

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Buzzing with Ms. B: Summarizing nonfiction

Summarizing nonfiction

I love classroom periodicals! This is a great blog post with 5 ideas that maximize their use in the upper grades.

Upper Elementary Snapshots: Making the Most of Classroom Magazines

10 Nonfiction Activity Ideas for Kids!

I.N.K.: 10 Nonfiction Activity Ideas for Kids

Navigating Nonfiction Text in the Common Core Classroom: Part 1 |

Scholastic Teachers
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A list of FREE online resources for Non-Fiction Texts and Articles. Perfect for Reading Centers. Grades 3-6

One Stop Teacher Shop
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Reading response activities for non-fiction, from Loreen Leedy- need this for some of my "beyond level" kids

I.N.K.: 10 Nonfiction Activity Ideas for Kids

Ways students can respond in writing to non-fiction text they've read... You can make these and bind them together!

ELA in the middle

Reading Responses - Non-Fiction

A Teaspoon of Teaching: Non-Fiction Text Features Jigsaw

A Teaspoon of Teaching: Non-Fiction Text Features Jigsaw

Teaching nonfiction text features using a "scavenger hunt"-style game keeps it engaging and encourages students to think of how and what the text feature teaches them.

3rd Grade Thoughts
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Nonfiction Text Features Assessment - Maureen Kinney -

Teachers Pay Teachers

Nonfiction Text Features Assessment

Reading Response Questions for Any Book! Freebie!

Fourth and Ten: My Fourth Grade Homework Routine

Three Foldables to be Used with Any Nonfiction Text! Including a Free Download!

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Nonfiction Text Features! YouTube Video Definitely showing this as an intro to Non-Fiction Text Features.

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Why We Read Nonfiction~ Students use this layered flip chart identify different text structures. Beneath each one, students add examples from teacher or self-selected text. Great, adaptable idea from Life is Better Messy Anyway!

Life is Better Messy Anyway: Nonfiction Matters!

Fiction vs. Nonfiction Text Features (from Stories By Storie)

Stories By Storie: Diving Into Nonfiction Text Features

I use question strips most often when I want to guide students in reading their textbook or another type of nonfiction article. 7 – 10 questions will fit on a strip,depending on how involved the answer is to the question. I use a Word document in landscape orientation, then insert a table. Once I’ve formatted the individual column, I just cut and paste. Students work on them individually or in pairs, and then I review them with the class.

Interactive Notebooks | Teaching Social Studies and Language Arts

Non-Fiction Resource for ALL Non-Fiction Standards! Perfect for Literacy Centers & Guided Reading in Upper Elementary! $

Teachers Pay Teachers
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Teaching With a Mountain View: Nonfiction Text Structures & Features Cumulative Assignment. FREE assignment sheet!
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$ This product is designed to teach students about the 5 types of text structures. DESCRIPTION, SEQUENCE, CAUSE AND EFFECT, COMPARE AND CONTRAST, PROBLEM AND SOLUTION, Each of the five structures follows the same layout, and contains FIVE PAGES which will allow you and your students to study and analyze that particular structure.

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$ This engaging activity puts a fun spin on learning nonfiction text structures! It also makes a creative bulletin board or school hallway display! It can even be used as a valuable addition to your students' interactive notebooks! DESCRIPTION, SEQUENCE, CAUSE AND EFFECT, COMPARE AND CONTRAST, PROBLEM AND SOLUTION

Teachers Pay Teachers
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5 Days of Teaching Text Structure to Readers - lots of resources for teaching fiction and non-fiction text structure

This Reading Mama

5 Days of Teaching Text Structure to Readers