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Elise Martinez

Elise Martinez

Lover of food, words, culture, and living a creative life!

A Doctor Who viewing party - bow tie pasta! HAHAHAHA! Thats a good one.

Disney quote printables -- there are a lot of really good ones!

Loki's Dirty Whispers - Submission: “Do you hear that my sweet? Do you hear the beat of my heart as I hold you close to me? It beats only for you."

How to dress for afternoon tea. Vintage hat and pearl glasses chain.

Lake Michigan on a Summer's day in July..

I hate Tywin because he is the reason Jaime Tyrion and Cersei are so messed up, But.... I do really love the man too..

  • Shari Allen

    I think Tywin is my favorite villain ever. Gets shit done.

  • Alera Saul

    After Jaime he is my favorite Lannister, which is a coincidence since I love Jaime for being the opposite of who everyone thinks he is and I love Tywin for being EXACTLY who everyone thinks he is and damn proud of it. Like he actively encourages people to pee themselves upon seeing him

  • Shari Allen

    Lol @ your last line, exactly!!

  • Heather Hawkins

    Tyrion is definitely my favorite Lannister but this was definitely epic.