Elise Oritz
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A feeling of.....reflection, peacefulness. ,Yusuf Kartal

CONCEPTUAL For some reason I love the window and dark room thing. He is isolated, heavily shadowed, and sitting in a dark, undefinable room with nothing but a small, ugly window to provide light.


"One of the worst pain's imaginable is emotional pain. it makes you want to cry and be emotionally unstable." Matthew Keck this picture seems to be like this man is having an emotional pain and have a very rough time.

Surreal Illustrations by Jeffrey Smith

Lion of Judah in heaven and trumpets blowing. Prophetic art Surreal Illustrations by Jeffrey Smith


Surreal art From the "Les Cités Obscures" (The Obscure Cities aka Cities of the Fantastic) series of graphic novels © François Schuiten (Artist, Belgium) & Benoît Peeters (Author)