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Leeds, United Kingdom / Step Into A World Of Rarefied Luxury
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Downtown Amman, Jordan

Downtown Amman, Jordan -Souk area where I bought pieces of souvenirs and felafil.

sudan - the black pharaohs,

Pharaoh Natakamani in front of the National Museum in Khartoum. Pharaoh Natakamani was a King of Kush who reigned from around or earlier than 1 BC to circa AD Natakamani is the best attested ruler.

Sudan - Africa #junkydotcom

People and camels - Meroe through the eyes of msadurski

Jebel Barkal, Sudan

The entrace of the Karima Jebel Barkal hotel is a classical sculpted nubian door Stock Photo

Albigrawia - Sudan - an Arab state in North Africa

Meroë is an ancient city on the east bank of the Nile near Shendi, Sudan. The site of the city of Meroë is marked by more than two hundred pyramids in three groups, of which many are in ruins. They are identified as Nubian pyramids because of their disti

Telmessos Rock Tombs, Turkey

Telmessos Rock Tombs, Turkey Enter at your own risk Only one way in and one way out if the door doesn't lock once it shuts you inside.